Your hot tub is made for 2 and is heated by a wood burner.

The water is filled fresh for you from our own spring which means there are no chemical's - everything is totally natural. You can relax and enjoy hot natural spring water. You may see a small bits in the water. This is caused by the natural peaty water. Rest assured that we have thoroughly cleaned the hot tub and filled it with fresh water before you arrival.

Hot tub;

• At temperatures 39 - 40, time in the hot tub should be limited to 20 minutes use as extending this time can affect your inner organs and cause fever like conditions. At temperatures under this, your time in the hot tub can be extended to one hour. Please do not use if temperature is 41 or over. Wait for it to cool or let us know and we can add some cold water.

• Please do not take any glasses or bottles into the hot tub as this may result in broken glass in the hot tub.

The potential hazards of the hot tub are;

• When leaving the hot tub, your leg muscles may be relaxed enough to make you unsteady.
• The steps, decking and the hot tub itself may be slippery. Take care when entering and leaving the hot tub.
• Use of the hot tub for too long may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting so don’t over do it.

How to use the hot tub;

• Before entering, please remove the cover and place it away from the stove. You may need to stir the water as cold water can collect at the bottom.

• Check that the temperature is no higher than 40 degrees, if it is, do not use and let us know.

• If the heat is too uncomfortable, leave the hot tub and cool down. When you have cooled down, you may return. Again, leave when you feel too uncomfortable.

• Please do not use any bubble baths or bath oils in the hot tub etc as this may affect the natural oil in the wood.


• As you relax in the sauna you can forget all your everyday troubles and truly refresh your soul. It is said that "using the sauna has a positive effect on kidneys, reduces blood pressure and the symptoms caused by overwork. The steam will strengthen functioning of your skin, outer muscles and respiratory passages, and in case of increased sweating (normally your body loses around 200-1500 g of moisture due to steam in the sauna) you will also lose bodyweight. Steam evokes vegetative changes in the nervous system, breathing and moving become easier.”

• A sauna operates at 85 - 100 degree centigrade. Please do not use if over 100 degrees, open the door and let it cool a bit! There is a vent, covered with a wooden top, on the right hand side of the window. Twist it anti clockwise to allow more hot air to escape if you feel the temperature is too high for you.

• Care should be taken when adding water to the stones on top of the stove as this will rapidly cause an increase in heat. Also be aware that hot water may spit from the stones and the steam will be intense.

• You will find that the sauna will be hotter higher up.

• Contact lenses can dry out and glasses become very hot and hence should not be worn in the sauna. The same applies to jewellery and watches, so these should also be removed.

• You may find that you get a small rash after using the sauna, this is normally due to toxins exiting your body.

The potential hazards of a sauna are;

• Hot stove burns, fire or fumes from towels placed too near or above the stove.

• Slipping injuries caused by a wet floor.

How to use the sauna;

• Please take your towel and use it to sit or lay on as the bench can get very hot. If you wish to lay down, please do so with your head by the door. You may find it more comfortable to use our dressing gown or towel as a pillow. Please check that the pockets are empty!

• Most people find that 15 minutes is a good amount of time to use the sauna. When the heat is too uncomfortable, leave the sauna and cool down. When you have cooled down, you may return. Again, leave when you feel too uncomfortable. A sauna should be a pleasurable experience, not a trial.

• Most people will use the sauna naked. If you feel uncomfortable, please wrap a towel loosely around you. We do not recommend the use of swimming costumes as these can become too hot and may melt.

• Use of the sauna for too long may result in nausea, dizziness or fainting so don’t over do it.

You should not use the hot tub or sauna if you;

• Have a serious illness, or have a heart condition, high or low blood pressure, or respiratory condition or any other medical condition which may affect you reaction to heat.

• Are taking any medication for any of the above conditions or of which you are unsure as to the advisability of using saunas and hot tubs.

• Are susceptible to migraines - hot tubs and saunas can trigger these.

• Are a diabetic with damaged feet or peripheral neuropathy who experiences reduced sensation in your feet.

• Have a contagious disease, infectious skin condition, open sores or wounds.

• Have an illness causing an inability to perspire.

• Have had a heavy meal within one and a half hours.

• Are under the influence of drink or drugs.

• Have recently exercised. Time should be allowed to enable body temperature to return to normal levels.

• Have just used the hot tub. Make sure that time is taken between hot tub and sauna use and visa versa.

• Do not use in extreme weather.

• Children or animals are not allowed in the hot tub.

• The elderly, and people with diabetes need to check with their doctors before using a sauna or hot tub.

• Pregnant women are not advised to use the sauna or hot tub, or should seek medical advise before use.