Price and Calendars

Whatever time of year you choose to visit is special, we don’t have any seasonal or weekend price changes and never do discounts.
We have a minimum stay of 2 nights, we are adult only and dog friendly with prior arrangement.

Alpnhaus price

£255 per night for exclusive use of the chalet for 2 adults. The private hot tub is prepared for you every evening.


£220 per night without any hot tub use during your stay.

We have no hidden charges.

£10 reduction for a single guest.

Heimlig price

£210 per night for 2 adults.

The private hot tub and sauna are prepared for you to use every evening at 6pm. Please arrange your day around this.

£165 per night without any hot tub and sauna use during your stay.

We have no hidden charges.

£10 reduction for a single guest.

Our first stay at Singdean and it will definitely be somewhere we'll return to. We both have very busy jobs that lead to a hectic life. As a result, you find very little time to stop and reconnect with nature. However, Singdean is the perfect antidote to the rat race, as it gives you the opportunity to disconnect and just be calm, in order to clear your mind and take in the natural world.
As we are off grid, any electricity that we produce is very precious and a hair dryer / straightening iron can use it all up in one go. Please leave these items at home and go natural, we won't mind!
For those of you leaving children with loved ones, you are welcome to leave our land line number in case you are unable to get mobile coverage.


  • Check in 3.00 - 6.00 pm. If you will be arriving later, please arrange in advance.
  • Check out 10.30 am
  • All Credit cards accepted
  • We are off grid - please do not bring hairdryers / hair straighteners or anything else with a heating or cooling element.
  • Child free getaway
  • Dogs are free with prior arrangement, a maximum of 2 dogs in Alpnhaus and one in Heimlig
  • Mobile coverage is patchy. The best one is EE.
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Hot tub and sauna usage

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When can you getaway?
any enquiries and bookings;


land line 01450 860622

mobile 0797 4741 509