Off grid getaway

We are entirely off grid but there is electricity here. That's because we produce our own electricity.

We do this through solar panels on both Singdean and Alpnhaus and a really large battery backup.

We also have a generator to help out from time to time.

We are currently looking at installing a small wind turbine to help us during the Winter months.

Eco credentials.

Because we are off grid we are highly aware of electricity usage. This means that we have nothing with a heating element eg kettle, hairdryer etc.

We do however have all the luxury items such as fridge, washing machine, TV, light bulbs etc. It just means that when the sun is shining we do as much of the washing and ironing using the solar panels. And we also make sure we turn things off when not in use.

When we found Singdean, we had to learn how to live and run a business being off grid. And yes, sometimes that is very difficult. But we manage.

We recycle what we can. We use local where we can. We make when we can. We use natural and organic when we can.

As one of our guests said,
The fact that Singdean is off grid is just the icing on the cake as it does your soul good to know that whilst staying here, you're part of the solution - not the problem!
A and D, Gateshead, June 2019