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Thank you so much for taking the time to find us.

We are Christa and Del and we live here at Singdean, a little beautiful hidden secret in the Scottish Borders. We have been providing our guests their special getaway since 2012.

Me (Christa), and my family on my mothers side, are from the Alps. A stunning region called 'Allgaeu' on the German Austrian border, so I have half grown up in the mountains. I'm sort of part mountain goat and love Winter.

Del is part Italian, grew up in Bristol and happily shares a love of all things Alpine. Del loves Summer.

We are both dedicated to providing you with a beautiful time whilst you are here. We work hard to make sure we have done as much as we can to make your stay here is as good as it can be. This is our full time 'job'. And we are so grateful that we are able to be here..
Our influence and passion has always been in chalet style, interiors and clothing having had shops in Bath both specialising in items made in the Alps. We used to own Hansel und Gretel Shop and Strudel Bar, which opened in 1991. In 2006, we opened a clothing shop, 'Uber' (it was before the taxi's), for men and women, also in Bath.

We left our shop life in Bath in 2011 after twelve years of thinking and dreaming about our wish to combine all of our loves in one place with a bespoke accommodation and little shop. It was an "either we do it now or we stop talking about it" moment. We dreamt of a more Alpine location and after a year and a half of searching, Singdean found us.

We moved into this beautiful old building in 2012 which had not much but a lovely feeling. Like a hug. We had no electricity or hot water or even windows. And there was a big lot of damp. But also there was a huge amount of love, you could feel that many people had been very happy in this little remote stone sheep farm.

We started with 'Heimlig" our B and B suite (now no longer available) late 2012.

Then came 'DASALPi', our Alpine lifestyle shop in 2014.

In 2017, we started building Alpnhaus, the chalet. We completed it in May 2018.

Many guests ask if we plan to build more accommodation - the answer is no. Part of the magic of Singdean is that it is so quiet. At most, we have four guests. But for the majority of the time, we have just two guests. And that's the way we like it. We aren't in it to make as much money as possible. Every where has got so busy now, SIngdean is different. And for as long as we are here, it will stay quiet and peaceful.

We are very happy to call Singdean home and hope that you, as many of our guests have found, feel the same enchantment as we do.

We hope to welcome you here soon,

Christa and Del x

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Little Alpi. Half Patterdale Terrier and half Toy Poodle. Little cheeky sweetie who was born in 2013. Nickname 'munchkin'
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This is Luna. A cockerpoo. Born in September 2019 she is still learning. She's a floppy, loopy, lolloping beauty who loves digging and stealing socks. We have many nicknames for her, mostly its 'loopy'
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Milka. Nickname 'monkey'. Our beautiful girl passed away in June 2019. But she is still an important part of Singdean.

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