Zirben or also known as Swiss stone pine


This is the pure essential oil of Zirben 'Queen of the Alps' mountain pine.
100% pure, nothing else added. It has a beautiful distinctive smell, not really like normal pine. A bit more woody but fresh as the same time. Ours is sold in a bigger than normal amount of 20ml.

It is a very special essential oil, also known as ‘Swiss Stone Pine’ from the Tyrolean Alps. Pinus Cembra is the latin name.

It is a slow growing pine that grows in the Alps at an altitude of between 1,200 meters and 2,300 meters. It is therefore an expensive wood.

The essential oil of this pine has been shown to have a calming effect.

This helps the body to regenerate itself during rest periods and enhances mental equilibrium and resilience and is a blessing for body and soul.

It revitalizes the whole body and awakens your zest for life.

Whether physically or psychologically, swiss pine oil can give strength and energy.

Add a few drops to your vaporiser, diffuser, on your pillow……


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