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Thank you for finding Singdean.

A ruggedly isolated and special place in the Scottish Borders.

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"There is a magical stillness to Singdean. One that calms the busy mind and refuels the aching soul. "

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‘'A private wood fired hot tub is just so much better than a shared one’.

A child free dog friendly retreat

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"It is so much more than what we could have hoped for - amazingly cosy and warm and beautifully luxurious"

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It's just the two of us and our two little doggies living in this remote gem, 350 m above sea level.

"We have loved every second of being here - living in luxury, breathing in the pine air, watching the chaffinches flock to the feeder and the house martins and swallows doing their aerial show. Singdean has helped us to unwind and connect to what is truly important and magical in life."

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Dating back to 1376 and placed in the most beautiful remote, yet accessible, setting, Singdean is also totally off grid.

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With astounding dark skies for star gazing.

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‘Every now and then in life you stumble on a jewel, this place is a diamond’.

With a choice of Alpnhaus and Heimlig, both of which sleep just two, and our beloved Alpine Lifestyle shop, we’re a bit of a secret you’ll want to keep to yourselves.

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We are blessed to call Singdean home and we hope to welcome you here soon,
Christa and Del
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