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AlpenZirbe - mountain pine

Also known as Swiss Stone Pine, Arolla Pine, Zirben or the latin Pinus Cembra. It is also known as ‘Queen of the Alps’. For those of you who have already stayed at Singdean, this is mostly what you can smell. It is a very warm woody smell. Not like the pine you know. 

It is a special pine which grows between at altitudes of 1,800 and 2,400 meters and can live for 1000 years. This pure essential oil is from the Tyrolean Alps and enables you to have the strength and resilience of the Alps with you at home. Arolla pine is known to improve the quality of your sleep and your general well being. It also has a positive effect on your respiratory system, a blessing for body and soul. 

alpnzirbe swiss stone pine oil

alpnzirbe swiss stone pine oil

100% pure high quality Pinus Cembra essential oil. 

That’s all. Nothing else added.

20ml   £25

zirben and diffuser

zirben and diffuser

Hand made wooden diffuser, each one is different. Just pop a few drops of the essential oil into the diffuser and pop the lid back on. 

The price is for a diffuser and a 20ml alpenzirbe oil.


sheep milk soap with zirben

IMG 3816

Mountain Pine sheep milk is very high in fat and protein, it also has a high concentration of vitamins, minerals and anti-inflammatory agents which makes it nurturing and soothing. 

This makes the sheep milk soap truly agreeable, especially for very sensitive or irritated skins. 

And it smells lovely!

8cm 110g  £5