some things special

edelweiss hand cream

Made with sheeps milk, edelweiss extract, shea butter and lavender. A drink for your hands to leave them silky smooth. Mild and natural and paragon free.

£10 75ml

baby cowbell key fob

black cowbell

Black leather with edelweiss.

Hand made in the Alps by a family that also make all the cow bells for the cows in the region. Each one is different and has straps of either cow hide or black leather. The bell has an aged look.

Those of you who have stayed at Singdean will recognise these as the room key.

For me, cow bells hold a special memory - when I was 13, myself and a friend spent the day high up in the mountains when the fog came in. She had grown up in the Austrian village and knew the mountains well but we were both very disorientated for hours. It was starting to get dark when we heard the cowbells. We followed the sound and found our way back to the village, and back to safety.

Total height 11cm

Bell is about 3 x 3 cm

£18 each