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some things special

for you and your home

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This simple heart on a stand is made from reclaimed teak. The pole is metal with a wooden base. Each one is unique and a slightly different. The size of the heart, not including the stand, is about 12cm

simple heart £15

Made with sheeps milk, edelweiss extract, shea butter and lavender. A drink for your hands to leave them silky smooth. Mild and natural and paragon free.


edelweiss hand cream £10

chunky heart

Gorgeous reclaimed teak heart. Each one is totally unique and has varying amounts of reclaimed-ness to them! About 24cm from top to bottom and 4-6cm thick. They have a flat back so can sit on a table or shelf. Or, you can attach a picture hook onto the back to hang it on the wall. 

chunky heart £25

rustic deer

This rustic mountain creature is made by hand from natural wood and has travelled to us from Germany. He measures about 25cm from his toes to his nose.

rustic deer £27

cashmere hat

cashmere hat

Hand knitted thick 100% pure cashmere. SO so soft. Not itchy. And toasty. 

cashmere hat £47