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room sprays

Beautiful natural and organic room sprays.

100ml £19

made by saint charles, vienna

A seventh generation pharmacist, with an apothecary in Vienna, who has a passion for the natural and organic. He has created an incredible range. We have chosen a small exclusive collection which we and our guests use, both in Singdean and Alpnhaus. If you have visited here, you certainly remember the wonderful different fragrances of your stay.

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Clear mountain air together with a mixture of pine needles, bark and resin. Feeling at one with nature and letting go.

This organic room spray, Altitude 2087m Best of the Alps, combines the best of the high growing Tyrolean pines - mountain, spruce and arolla.

Not only does it smell gorgeous, it stimulates your sense of smell and has a clarifying and revitalising effect. 

Bring the smell and wellbeing of the Alps into your home.

memory balance

memory balance

A wonderful spa like organic room spray. It is one we use in our bathroom and also in the bathroom of Singdean suite and Alpnhaus. It is fresh and warming at the same time with oils of rosemary, geranium, bergamot and peppermint. Oh, and it also helps improve memory!  

stress guard

stress guard

If your spirit needs some positivity and strengthening then this is the blend for you. A lovely gentle combination containing lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, bergamot, incense, clary sage and frankincense.