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Pure wool blankets and cushions

Blankets add the ‘home’ to your room. They become part of your relaxation as well as keeping you snuggly and looking beautiful. We only choose blankets that feel lovely and soft. If you’re anything like us, you can never have too many blankets or cushions!. Or candles…. or hats………….

PS All pure wool blankets do bobble a bit. If this bothers you, maybe a pure wool blanket isn’t for you : )

Choose your blanket

colour / design

silver forest

A stunning pure wool blanket made in Finland featuring a beautiful forest in soft greys. On the reverse, the trees are in ‘negative’ - dark grey instead of pale grey. I love this throw. 

lapuankankuriti blanket uk

130 x 200cm £85

teal blanket 

A traditional design which embraces the craftsmanship of life near the arctic circle. A gorgeous  and unusual pure wool blanket made in Finland.

teal blanket norwegian design

130 x 200cm £85

black and cream wool blanket

Those of you who have stayed in our suite will recognise this one as we have used this blanket as a curtain. Blankets also make easy, warm and amazing curtains!

black creamwool blanket

Black and cream 

130 x 200cm £80

moosey blanket 

Moose blanket made in Finland. Pure wool and incredible! 

lapuankankurit hirvi blanket grey

130 x 200cm £85

barks brown

A beautiful woven pure new wool blanket with gorgeous drape ability due to it being slightly finer and not so chunky. Black and brown and minky. Made in Finland

lapuankankurit alva blanket brown

130 x 1700cm £112

blanket moss

A stunning mossy green blanket from Finland. Love.

lapuankankurit iida blanket moss

130 x 200cm £75

deer blanket SOLD OUT

Yes, we love this one so much, we’ve stuck it onto the door of our shop. Pure thick wool which has a felted feel which helps it to repel water (and the lots of mist we get here in Scotland!) It makes for a beautiful snuggle blanket for indoors too. And a great single bed throw. Oh, and a good curtain too. Oh, and we’ve used it behind the bed head board. I think we like it!

130 x 180cm £120

deer blanket

cashmere blanket

Well, why wouldn’t you….

This is the height of luxury. 100% pure cashmere blanket in a waffle weave. Just don’t do what I did - wash a really pricey pure cashmere blanket on a really high heat in the machine so that it shrinks to a third of it’s size and becomes a dog blanket. But at least our dog Milka is a very happy girl!

pure cashmere blanket

100% pure cashmere

130 x 200cm £230