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Organic toiletries

saint charles singdean

A seventh generation pharmacist, with an apothecary in Vienna, who has a passion for the natural and organic. He has created an incredible range. We spent a long time carefully choosing a small collection to offer you and our guests staying here. This range is amazing, I am already a bit addicted to it!  

An invigorating collection of essential oils that is comparable to a walk in the mountains, mountain pine and basil are the dominant scents in the unique Saint Charles fragrance, which makes up the 'Privatmischung’. Stimulate your senses with this elegant combination of sparkling and fruity grapefruit and juniper notes. All are sold in large pump dispenser of 500ml

Mountain Pine - grows in the extreme altitudes of the Alps. Frees the respiratory tract and has a mild, foresty and fresh smell!

Juniper - belongs to the cypress family. Strengthens, calms and enhances the concentration. Has a delicate, spicy and balsamic smell.

Basil - well-known from the kitchen, it is one of the most important medicinal herbs and has a mood lifting, relaxing, sometimes aphrodisiacal effect. The fragrance is strong and intense, balsamic, freshly sweet, light and spicy.

Grapefruit - a hybrid of pomelo and sweet orange and has a detoxifying, fat-burning and spiritually enhancing effect. Smells fresh, light and slightly tart.


hand soap

500ml £30



shower gel 

500ml £30

organic toiletries

gift set with 500ml shampoo, 500ml shower gel and 500ml hand soap.  £87 

organic toiletries