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mountain candles

We start with a memory, a story, and let the fragrance evolve.  This is a hand poured candle made in the UK for us with very fine ingredients, each carefully chosen. Much time has gone into choosing these candles for you. 

Each one is about 70 hours of burning time and is gift wrapped in a kraft box with satin ribbon. The colour of the ribbon is linked to the aroma of the candle.


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alpine christmas


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‘Berg’ is German for mountain.

Walking through The Alps,  you start low in the valley and climb high above the tree line. The nature is perfect and you feel so peaceful. Everything is magical and your walk slows to a stroll as you take it all in.

The fragrance is earthy, rich and a touch spicy with Chamomile, Cinnamon, Bay, Mandarin, Amber, Cedar, Musk, Rose and Bergamot.


dew candle

Walking barefoot in the meadow with the first warming rays of sunshine, you feel happy. This is a lovely fragrance, a bit grassy, a bit mossy, a bit spicy and a bit floral. It’s fresh, complex and abundant with White Ceder, Verbena Leaf, Clary Sage, Silver Lavender, Aldehydes, Ozonics on a base of Woods and Moss


glacier candle

When it’s a hot Summers day in the mountains, and you’re lying in a meadow close to a glacier. The sun is warming, the wild flowers smell delicious. And you can also smell the glacier. The combination is lovely - a clean, fresh and protective fragrance. Tranquil and calm. A sanctuary made up of Rose, Geranium, Lavender,  Chamomil and Eucalyptus.


wood candle

In the mountains, there is a secret deer forest, with a glacial water stream and a wooden Alpine hut. The hut is beautifully homely, cosy and lit with warming candles. This is an intricate fragrance full of deep dark woods such as Amber, Sandal and Agarwood. Also present is Fir needle, Tonka, Cederwood, Patchouli, Rosemary and Vanillas.


storm candle

When you are in the mountains watching and hearing a storm, it is monumental. Epic, huge and strong. We needed an outstanding and dramatic fragrance to represent this. This is quite possibly my favourite. 

A big scent filled with Sandalwood, Bergamot, Sweet Vanilla, Spicy CLove, Patchouli and Rose.



Summit. Walking high in the Alps, the weather is perfect and all is calm and tranquil with incredible scenery.  You feel totally at ease. With Black Pepper, Jasmine, Lily, Violet, Amber, Elemi, Patchouli, Cedar,  Vetiver,  Sandal,  Tolu and Labdanum to create an elegant, smart and broad fragrance, rich, deep and velvety. And totally wonderful. 


thaw candle

The beautiful moment that the heat of the sun melts the ice and snow, the green and earth warms through and you understand that the hard times are behind you. A soft and gentle fragrance with Cederwood, Sandalwood, Bergamot, Galbanum, Leather, Rose and Petitgrain.


wildwood fig candle

Whilst out exploring, you chance upon a secret old wild wood. A gentle and quiet space that delights. With fig, warm woods, spices and herbs. Fresh and green and lovely.